Trust your body to birth.


Across all cultures, many girls imagine themselves as a mom from the time they are young. Playing with baby dolls, swaddling and feeding their imaginary family. When along the way to motherhood, did we create the belief system that giving birth HAS to be painful and something that needs to be erased from our memory.

Birth Chants is here to provide you a space to re-frame that belief system and guide women to a beautiful, magical, ecstatic experience that will be cherished instead of forgotten.

A Birth Chant is a personalized visualization and vocalization technique create by you with guidance from us. We all have the ability within us to tap into the part of us that is connected to the universe and use that divine connection to focus your birthing experience. When you create this connection no matter what the body might feel, you can feel joy, love, passion, you can tap into the energy of life and pleasure surrounding you when you are birthing. We open your eyes and help you see that it is your choice which birth experience you want to have and we give you the tools to do it regardless of they way you give birth, with or without medication, naturally or by cesarean. Giving birth is giving birth.